"I really can't recommend Paige enough! Not only does she clearly explain and highlight editing changes, but she also gives superb advice on structure and flow. It's great working with someone who's so passionate about the written word. I need my editor to be strong enough to be 'heard', and no one could ever accuse Paige of being a weak-willed wallflower! But she's always polite and 'brings you with her'. Her standards are high and this leads to a highly polished finished piece. So, if you're looking for an editor who cares about your writing as much as you do, then sign up with her right now. Take her advice and you will improve as a writer. You won't regret it!" - Author Robert India

"It's a very daunting task to transform a story into a book. Every word you've written needs to be scrutinised objectively. Ms. Thomas not only did this at a high level, but she also helped me to look at my work in the same way through her editing notes and critique. Throughout editing, she helped me understand where I'd made mistakes and how I could improve my story, as well as my future writing. Having published three books with the assistance of Ms. Thomas' editing service, it's safe to say I would highly recommend her to help you on your writing and publishing journey. Her editing notes are clear and to the point, and she not only tells you what is wrong, but also why. Even if you only choose to use her copy editing service, you can be confident in the high level of professionalism and attention she will give you and your story, to turn it into a book you will both be proud of." - Author Lisa Fulham

"An editor needs to be firm—no coddling, just good old fashioned tough love. Knowledgeable enough to explain where you’ve gone wrong with your writing and how to get it back on track. Honesty, not only telling you what you don’t want to hear, but rather what you need to know. Dedication in helping you succeed. And in some cases, a great sense of humor. I have worked with Paige Thomas on several occasions and I can tell you without a doubt, she has all these qualities and more. I have come a long way with my writing and I know that is because of her. She is a beast, with only your best interests at heart. In the writing world, you need an editor who will tell you your faults, teach you how to fix them and push you to do better. That editor is Paige. If you choose her, I can guarantee she will give 110% of herself to you and your words. So, why would you go anywhere else?" - Author Zoey Hart

"The relationship between an editor and a writer is an important one that consists of both trust and learning. Paige is a remarkable editor for more reasons than I can list, but know this, what she doesn't know isn't worth fretting about. She may seem hard and critical, but that's what you pay her for. She is passionate about the written word and with that comes her fight. Trust in her ability and she will make you better. I couldn't recommend Paige more. A perfectionist to the core, she will mould you into a remarkable writer before you know it."  - Author K.M. Buckland