Editor - Paige Thomas

Having learnt from some of the best, I've been editing for almost a decade. From corporate correspondence to website content to short stories and novels, words have been my business.

I'm also a published romance author, so I know how daunting the whole editing process can be, especially for a new writer. I know how soul-crushing and terrifying it feels to receive a manuscript back with more red ink than black. I cherished the positive comments from my editor and quickly grew to learn from the negative, not taking the latter to heart. Those comments are meant to help you grow as a writer, not reduce you to sitting in a quiet corner, rocking from side to side while sucking your thumb and thinking of places to bury your editor's body.

One thing I've noticed with a lot of other sites is they don't tell you much upfront. They don't mention their rates or what they will actually do for you. Your only option is to email them for more information and hope for the best. I don't want to waste your time, or mine, so everything about my service is here on this website.

I promise to do everything within my power to help you refine your writing skills and achieve a level of competency worthy of a traditional publishing house.

Please note - You may have noticed that this site is written using UK/Australian English, but fear not, I'm very capable of using US English as well.